Michael Lu


❤️ for analytics, ❤️ for people, and 💡 for future.


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Prior to becoming part of the Tablecloth team, Mike accrued over 12 years of experience in the hospitality industry, occupying various people-centric roles as a bartender, manager, beverage director, and consultant. Throughout his journey, Mike prioritized fostering a sense of community that extended beyond the restaurants and bars he was involved with.

Amidst the challenges of the pandemic Mike leveraged his analytical skills and adaptability to spearhead an innovative to-go cocktail program that flourished in San Diego – boosting sales and streamlining labor efficiency beyond pre-pandemic levels, all the while becoming a steadfast presence in the community. Simultaneously, he embarked on a career pivot, delving into the realm of data analysis and leveling-up through online courses.

Hailing from the Dairy State, Mike earned B.S. degrees in Environmental Studies and Zoology from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. This academic journey illuminated the inseparable connection between humanity and our surrounding environments.

Anchored by this belief, he considers data-driven decision-making not solely a matter of business intelligence but an ethical obligation to contribute to the enhancement of society and the environment.