Simisoluwa Ogunleye

Client Relationship & Engagement Manager

Amplifying Voices, Sparking Impact


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Meet Simi, our Client Relationship and Engagement Manager who spends her days amplifying the voices of our dedicated customers.

With a diverse background spanning Operations, Research, and Web Development, she's a true chameleon.

Previously immersed in policy work, Simi realized her heart belonged to driving Impact.

Now, at Tablecloth, she thrives at the crossroads of Data Science and Social Science, combining her analytical prowess with creative flair.

Simi holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of California Riverside, and an MBA in Global Business from the University of Redlands.

Beyond her credentials, she's fueled by a profound passion for empowering small organizations to catalyze significant changes within their communities.

For her it's not just a role—it's a mission to turn visions into reality.