Find out how well you're performing on ESG & Impact.

What's Your ESG Readiness Score?

What is the ESG Readiness Survey™?

We developed the ESG Readiness Survey™ to help Investors, Private Equity Funds, and Businesses evaluate their current capacity for impact. The first step towards managing impact is to measure what matters.

Why take this assessment?

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria are the three central factors in measuring the sustainability and social impact of a company's investments and business practices.

  • Staying ahead of investor expectations and developments in regulatory compliance is critical for PE funds – especially as standards around ESG reporting continue to evolve.
  • Analyzing your fund's ESG performance can unlock the data and key insights needed to strengthen the performance of your portfolio companies.
  • Businesses that proactively manage their impact often demonstrate a competitive advantage over their peers in the same industry.

Get your ESG Readiness Score™ if you are:

An investor or individual interested in finding out where you stand on impact in relation to your peers. You will receive an email with your ESG Readiness Score™ at the end to help identify issue areas and to contextualize the results.

Tablecloth's ESG & Impact Analytics Platform helps investors maximize portfolio value and drive positive change by making ESG reporting quick, scalable, and painless.

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