Investors Want Proof of ESG Impact. Here’s How Tablecloth Helps You Get There.

ablecloth: Empowering private equity investors with a data-driven ESG impact story

In today's competitive market, private equity funds need to find ways to differentiate themselves. Leaders stand out from the crowd. Embracing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors is the key to becoming a clear winner in both attracting and building successful companies. ESG isn’t just a risk management strategy—it has proven to be a catalyst for both profitability and positive impact on the world. And as investors and stakeholders become more savvy, the demand for greater transparency and proof of genuine ESG efforts only continues to rise. Empty commitments are no longer enough; LPs want to see tangible evidence that funds are actively implementing real ESG initiatives, making ESG integration a crucial component for sustainable success. 

By partnering with Tablecloth, funds can leverage our comprehensive data-driven approach to surpass LP expectations by:

  • Capturing the true value of ESG factors across the portfolio
  • Identifying ESG-related risks and opportunities
  • Staying ahead of reporting requirements and industry peers
  • Developing critical expertise in ESG and impact
  • Providing measurable evidence of commitment to sustainability 
Tablecloth's proven process and platform helps private equity investors tell a data-driven ESG/impact story.o

To meet these evolving demands, Tablecloth offers a proprietary process coined the 4 Phases™: Plan, Implement, Analyze, and Utilize, specifically designed for private equity investors. Our approach helps investors tell a compelling data-driven ESG / impact story to their stakeholders. Let’s dive into the benefits of each step and how we support them with an unwavering commitment to data integrity. 

We promise quality ESG and impact data, 100% guaranteed.

Tablecloth revolutionizes the landscape of ESG and impact data for PE investors by prioritizing data integrity, driving actionable insights, and unleashing the potential of ESG as a powerful business intelligence tool.

We pride ourselves on three pillars:

  • Accuracy: Tablecloth ensures data integrity, first and foremost. The granularity of our data is unparalleled. ESG must move beyond self-report data to drive meaningful action. 
  • Auditability: Verifiable data is the new gold standard. Transparency increases accountability and decreases greenwashing. 
  • Actionability: ESG and impact have traditionally been reporting frameworks. The next frontier for investors is using that information to drive decision making. At the end of the day, ESG is business intelligence.
Working with Tablecloth means benefiting from accurate, auditable, and actionable data.

What are Tablecloth’s 4 Phases™? 

Let's explore the value of Tablecloth's 4 Phases™ when integrated into clients’ ESG / impact strategy and investment process:

Phase 1: Plan

Plan for success. Our partnership with clients begins by conducting a detailed audit of existing data and systems. This step allows investors to understand their starting point and evaluate the quality and rigor of their current data. As a trusted data partner, Tablecloth provides the expertise needed to help clients identify the key components needed to achieve their impact goals. The planning phase also dives deeper to uncover the company's impact thesis and theory of change, defining how the organization creates positive impact. This clarity is essential for shaping an effective ESG / impact strategy that aligns with each organization’s purpose, or North Star. 

Phase 2: Implement

Implement a robust data collection process. In the implementation phase, Tablecloth provides project management for portfolio companies to gather data from various sources, including existing systems and customized data collection tools. The collected data is then cleaned, wrangled, and transformed into models that simplify the data collection process for future assessments. Our focus on repeatable processes ensures consistency and accuracy in tracking the impact metrics most relevant to each fund. We also help clients triangulate their data by gathering information from multiple sources, such as employee and customer surveys. This paints a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of the company's performance.

Phase 3: Analyze

Analyze insights and uncover opportunities with ESG storytelling. To provide valuable insights, Tablecloth brings in external context and publicly available data to enrich the analysis process. Our team of experts develops dynamic dashboards based on the chosen data models, allowing clients to visualize their impact and ESG metrics. These dashboards provide a portfolio-wide view for PE investors, as well as individual portfolio company perspectives. We make sure clients stay on track to achieve their sustainability target through regular assessments, whether annual, semi-annual, or quarterly. As we like to say, “what gets measured, gets managed.” Tablecloth collaborates closely with clients and portfolio companies to review and analyze the results, validating hypotheses where necessary. This analysis helps identify areas for improvement, as well as recommendations for next steps to generate maximum ROI. 

Phase 4: Utilize

Utilize data to set goals and achieve greater results. Tablecloth believes in leveraging data to drive meaningful action. In the utilization phase, the data collected and analyzed provide a baseline for assessing the current state and setting impactful action plans. We work closely with clients to develop roadmaps for improving their ESG performance and tracking continual progress towards their impact and ESG goals. Time-series tracking ensures a comprehensive view of progress over time. Tablecloth also integrates a range of different data sources to help clients construct a compelling story that clearly communicates their dedication to sustainability. This data is not just measured once and set aside—it’s actively used to manage and improve impact over time.

Tablecloth's 4 Phases™ empowers investors to integrate their ESG / impact strategy and investment process.

What does this mean for you?

Tablecloth's 4 Phases™ offers private equity investors a powerful framework to tell a data-driven ESG / impact story to their investors. Tablecloth's approach focuses on value creation rather than solely risk mitigation. In a nutshell, we help investors and clients translate ESG data into meaningful action. Throughout the process, we aim to empower investors to align their investments with their values, track progress, and communicate their commitment to sustainability. In a world increasingly shaped by ESG considerations, Tablecloth stands as a valuable partner for private equity investors seeking to drive positive change while delivering strong financial returns.

Ready to take action? Reach out to our team for expert tips on how to accelerate your ESG / impact strategy in 2023 and beyond.

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