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We make collecting data and anecdotes easy. We give funders, providers and their stakeholders a single platform in which to interact.
Our motto: Measure. Amplify. Matter.

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Foundations, Impact Investors and Family Offices use Tablecloth for Portfolio and Program management.

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Grant-Seeking Organizations

Non-profits use Tablecloth to improve their programs and share progress in real-time to funders, staff and board members.

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International NGOs

International NGOs gather qualitative and quantitative data from the field to tell better stories and improve their impact.

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Our Feed Helps You Tell Awesome Stories

The Feed is a private network where change happens. Systems, organizations and their stakeholders share what they are learning, collaborate and problem-solve in real-time.
Data Demystified

We help gather the right data, visualize it so it's easily understood, and give everyone the tools to explore.

Checklists for Change

We've got templates based on sound social science. Easy to learn. Easy to run. Easy to report.

Mobile, Tablet & More

From rural schools in Pakistan to high rises in San Diego, we will meet you where the work is happening.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Connect your data. Set up once and learn continuously.

Stories Have Impact

Don't wait for the annual report. Tell stories as they happen. Videos. Photos. Data.

Share the Love

Invite staff, board members and funders alike to view, comment and share.

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Our Data Center Helps You Focus on Key Metrics.

Always ready. Anywhere. Anytime.

Put your Key Metrics front and center to learn, get feedback and set everyone up for success.


No two orgs are alike. That's why our Data Center is built to adapt to your needs.

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  • 10 Custom Data Models

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Consulting services available separately. Annual, up-front discount pricing available.

"Tablecloth is an intuitive tool that made collecting data much easier and more reliable, so I can spend more time thinking about what that information means."

Bhairvee Shavdia
Senior Associate, HCAP Partners

"As our organization (and our data) grows we wanted better reporting capabilities and a tool to grow with us.  Tablecloth is able to pull in data from multiple sources and saves us days of work each time share our outcomes with the board, funders and staff."

Kelly Sherlock
Director of Administration and Finance, Mama's Kitchen

"Working with Tablecloth has been a fantastic experience for Girl Rising. Their expertise and guidance in helping us craft how we measured the success of our programs in Pakistan and Thailand, and innovative tools to gather, share and analyze the data, helped us both understand our impact and identify opportunities to strengthen our work."

Jill Miller
Chief Program Officer, Girl Rising

"Tablecloth has been an amazing resource to capture feedback and information from the companies and stakeholders with whom we work."

Matthew Sanford
Director of Economic Development, San Diego Regional Economic Development Corp.

"This is vital data we can use in reports to our donors, grant applications, even conversations with the parents of the children we serve. It helps set us apart and allows us to communicate the impact of our program more effectively to more people."

Emily Moberly
CEO, Traveling Stories

"We have a large board with many committees spread all over the country. Tablecloth helps us communicate to each group easily and more effectively. I love that we can decide how to receive notices about messages, and that the site keeps a streamlined thread of our discussions."

Megan Bell
Executive Director, Wilson Foundation

We're here to help you learn from your data and tell your stories.

You've got needs, we've got services. We can help connect you to professionals doing evaluation, data science and communications.

Our software makes it easier, faster and cheaper to communicate change. Let us help you in your evaluation design and reporting.

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Let's change the world together.

Changing is hard. It requires vision, perseverance and adaptability.  Our tools are designed to empower people and organizations to make their work meaningful and measurable.
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"Start where you are."

This is our mantra. You don't have to be great at evaluation to get started on evaluation. Evaluative thinking is a muscle. The more you use it the stronger it gets.

In our whitepaper you will find two things:
First, an assessment of your current impact capacity. Second, a primer on the universe of evaluation.

If you are a beginner, an expert, or someone who needs extra oomph to convince your colleagues, this is the PDF for you.
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Chief Impact Officer
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