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Hello, we’re Tablecloth

We built an Impact Analytics Platform for Impact Investors, Private Equity Firms and  Foundations. We're in the let's-change-the-world business with you.

The answer to the meaning of life.
Year of inception.
Largest client fund's AUM.
Our Approach

We’re a small, mighty crew.

One part data science. One part social science. One part conscience.
We live, work and play for Impact.

We've got solutions

Our data models account public health metrics and the ever-growing scientific consensus of mental and physical wellness.
Where CRA and SBIC meet: on Main Street. How communities are affected by your lending and equity practices matters.
We go beyond HR and Payroll and all the way to the voice of the employee. What you learn about the workplace goes beyond self-reported goals and outputs.
And more...
We can track and help evolve the environmental and social impact of the companies you invest in, too.

We've got services

We provide consultative services to help identify key metrics and track them as critical elements of your investment strategy.

Tablecloth is an intuitive tool that made collecting data much easier and more reliable, so I can spend more time thinking about what that information means.
Bhairvee Shavdia
Senior Associate, HCAP Partners

Where Social Science Meets Data Science

Our founders
Elenore Garton, Ph.D.
Jared Aaker
Kelly Abbott

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