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Our Impact Analytics Platform

Tablecloth is an Impact Analytics Platform specifically designed for the PE world. We use social science and data science to show your ESG and SDG progress without delay.

Your goals are our goals


We want you to be the stand-out choice during fundraising.

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Fund faster

Our scientific process makes due diligence ring truer and go faster.

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Manage risk

We help you manage material risks by finding problem areas in realtime.

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Maximize value

We help you maximize shareholder valuation through to exit.

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You've got options

Come to us with your model or choose one of ours.

100% custom impact model

Where we start from how you define impact and we create a lasting framework for proving outcomes based on that.

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Ramp up with our off-the-shelf models

Choose from a menu of models covering ESG, Workforce, Education, Environment, Banking and Healthcare.

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We've got solutions

We provide consultative services to help identify key metrics and track them as critical elements of your investment strategy.

Where CRA and SBIC meet: on Main Street. How communities are affected by your lending and equity practices matters.

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Workforce Development

We go all the way to the voice of the employee. What you learn about the workplace goes beyond self-reported goals and outputs.

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From cost avoidance, outcome improvement and accessibility to social determinants of health, our models have you covered.

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Air, Water, and Land

From CFCs to GHGs to PPMs, we go beyond basic indices to quantify improvements due to innovation, investment, and good stewardship.

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Whether it's systems or curricula we apply what we learn to learning better.

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Between sustainable agriculture, regenerative food systems, and impacts on local community and environment – we help nurture your strengths.

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Our Products

Environment Social and Governance Goals

Standard portfolio-wide
ESG Reporting

Investors and companies prioritize Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria for moral and economic reasons. Even though ESG criteria cover a wide range of non-financial factors, clear financial implications remain.

At Tablecloth, we developed analytical tools that - when applied to a company or a portfolio of companies - identify specific areas of concern in a wide-ranging ESG approach that includes climate change, systemic discrimination, and workforce inequity/exclusion.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion

A workforce diversity lens

Companies must do their part to eliminate systemic
discrimination, harassment and exclusion in the
workforce for all populations based on race, ethnicity, gender identity, LGBTQ+ status, religion, age, disabilities, and more.

At Tablecloth, we've developed analytical tools that identify areas of concern and prioritize areas for focus. These tools can be applied to companies and funds looking to promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in their workplaces.

Custom Models

We'll build a custom model based on your specific goals.

Institutional investors have committed to paying closer attention to things like fair pay, paid sick leave, environmental concerns and other areas of impact. That higher level of scrutiny will require better and more accurate data – and that is where we thrive.

We understand that each company is in a unique position. As a trusted third-party, we’re here to help validate and strengthen your existing efforts through customized data models based around your impact thesis. Your model will evolve with your thesis.


What Our Clients Say

Adam Persiani
"We get a lot of engagement and high touch service and we're learning from each other as we go. Highly recommend Tablecloth."
Bhairvee Shavdia
"Tablecloth is an intuitive tool that made collecting data much easier and more reliable. I can spend more time telling our investor story and less time in the weeds."

Our founders bridged the gap between social science and data science. Our staff keep us ahead of the curve.

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Co-Founder & CEO

Elenore Garton, Ph.D.

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Co-Founder & CTO

Kelly Abbott

Benefits of being on Tablecloth

Tablecloth is an Impact Analytics Platform and Services company that works with Funds, Impact Investors, Private Equity Firms, Family Offices and Foundations.

We specialize in finding what works, creating lasting change and helping money flow where it matters most.

We are a technology company that makes it possible to measure previously difficult to measure social, environmental and governance business factors.

Our secret sauce is a blend of Social Science + Data Science.

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Why us?

  • Our platform makes it painless, fast, and affordable to do at scale.  
  • We're a full-service firm that works with you to ask the right questions and find the right answers. 
  • We've got skin in the game. If you don't look good we don't either.

Why a platform?

Most funds rely on self-reported data alone. However, we tap into systems and automate data collection in each of your companies. Our models are backed by science and filled with precise metrics. The results create a truer sense of where change is happening. In short, with Tablecloth, you have data you can trust and a story that rings true.

What do funds get when working with us?

  • Attract capital from more sources such as federally required investments in CRA and SBIC dollars from banks and PRIs from large funds.  
  • Let us do the work. All you have to do is report to their LPs what we learn on their behalf. 
  • Assurance that you're measuring the right Impact factors.  
  • Get third party validation of your Impact. 
  • Rapidly learn and iterate on your investments Impact goals. 
  • Have a cheaper, faster and better business intelligence than building their own internal practice. 
  • Allow us to focus on impact so you can focus on the bottom line work of fund-raising, deal-making and due diligence.

What is our promise?

  • Help you raise money faster.
  • Keep ahead of your LP's impact reporting expectations.
  • Assure change happens in your portfolio companies.
  • Help GPs themselves become experts in impact.

How do we do it?

  • We gather verified metrics from business systems, employees, customers, communities and government. 
  • We rely on rigorous academic standards and present in easy-to-understand dashboards. 
  • We maintain connections to hundreds of systems and process billions of rows of data. 
  • We provide qualitative and quantitative answers using big data, machine learning and real-time feeds.

Our values are at the core of what we do.

Transparency: Knowledge is power, so share it.
Inclusion: Solutions must include the communities they affect.
Empowerment: Use know-how to discover the how-to.
Adaptability: Failure is a chance to succeed with better information.
Accountability: You can't change what you can't measure. Data drives decisions.

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