Tablecloth Welcomes Kayci Prugue, Data Analyst I

1. What brought you to Tablecloth?

As an undergraduate student, I studied chemical engineering because I love math and science! I soon realized, however, that I wanted my career to have a significant and positive social impact. I came to San Diego to pursue a master's degree in Social Innovation from the University of San Diego. The goal was to learn more about the emerging field of social impact and how to have a mission-driven career. As graduation approached, I began looking for job opportunities that would allow me to combine this master's degree in social innovation with my technical background. As luck would have it, Nelli happened to feature in one of my classes as a guest speaker on social responsibility and impact evaluation. There I discovered the amazing work that Tablecloth is doing as a company. It inspired me to apply as a data analyst at Tablecloth—and the rest is history!

2. What excites you about the work we are doing?

I love that Tablecloth is bridging the gap between social impact and data analytics. If we want companies to be more sustainable and socially responsible, they must be held accountable with quality data. It’s exciting working in a role where I know I am making a difference.  

3. What do you bring to the team?

My combined background in both social innovation and chemical engineering is valuable to the team. I am bringing a number of "hard" skills in data analytics and programming. I am also bringing a systems-level understanding of social innovation.  

4. What do you hope to accomplish?

I am excited to work with the Tablecloth team to transform how companies think about their broader impact on their employees, society and the environment. I hope Tablecloth’s work will help transform our economies to work more equitably for all people and for the planet. 

Data Team Lead
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