Tablecloth Welcomes Mary Joe Weichel, Client Relationship Manager

1. What brought you to Tablecloth? 

It has always been incredibly important to me that I work alongside a company I believe in. My background revolves around people-centric work. I am inspired by the different needs of every client, the vibrancy of a fast-paced environment, the creation of processes, and more. Tablecloth is highlighting opportunities for businesses to do better, while holding space for their employees to dream big and expand upon their vision. That inspired me to join forces with Tablecloth.

 2. What excites you about the work we are doing? 

We are holding people accountable to placing action behind their words. As the Client Relationship Manager, I get to curate and customize experiences while serving a greater good. Social impact is a way of the present and future; I'm excited to learn.

 3. What do you bring to the team? 

I have been in the customer service industry for nearly 15 years; people are my passion. As a co-worker, I come with a sunny disposition and immense amount of self motivation. I love to support and amplify my co-workers; I'm a team player that knows how to problem solve, super detail-oriented, and I don't get overwhelmed when it's crunch time. I'm open and receptive to feedback. I am 100% committed to everything I do. 

 4. What do you hope to accomplish? 

I want to learn! I think it's important to be a student, always. I want to absorb and evolve, while immersing myself into a completely new industry. I am eager to make an impact; both individually and company wide. I am confident that with my process driven mind and client expertise, our incredible team & leaders, we can pave the way for best practices within social impact. 

Client Relationship Manager
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