Reference Datasets

These datasets collectively offer a multifaceted view of potential investment targets from an ESG perspective. By considering the social demographics, environmental impact, energy utilization, and governance compliance, PE investors can align their investment strategies with responsible practices. These insights not only contribute to ethical investment decisions but also open avenues for cost-saving, risk mitigation, and alignment with broader sustainability and social responsibility goals. Utilizing these specific datasets equips investors with the necessary information to evaluate companies holistically, ensuring that investments are in line with modern values and global sustainability efforts.

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Economic and Social Factors

Understanding Regional Disparities

  • Assess the economic conditions and wealth distribution in various regions, providing insights into social equity and community well-being.

Identifying Investment Opportunities

  • Locate areas with growth potential or specific needs that align with investment strategies, such as community development or empowerment.

Aligning with Social Responsibility

  • Contribute to social initiatives by identifying and investing in distressed or underprivileged communities.

Data Points to Consider

  • CDFI Investment Areas
  • County Median Household/Family Income (US Only)
  • MSA Median Household/Family Income (US Only)
  • State Median Household/Family Income (US Only)
  • Median Family Income by MSA/MD
  • Median Family Income by State (non-metro)
  • FFIEC Urban LMI Distressed
  • Qualified Opportunity Zones
  • SBA Hubzones
  • Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities
  • Demographics by County (US Only)
  • Living Wage by County (US Only)
  • Percent Living Wage by Industry
  • Employee Benefits Survey

Environmental Factors

Mitigating Environmental Impact

  • Understanding emissions and energy usage helps in reducing environmental footprints.

Aligning with Sustainability Goals

  • Foster energy efficiency and the use of renewable resources to align with global sustainability efforts.

Cost Optimization

  • Identify opportunities to reduce energy costs through efficiency and renewable energy adoption.

Data Points to Consider

  • Grid Emissions by State
  • Grid Emissions by Country
  • Fugitive Emissions Factors
  • Supply Chain Emissions Factors
  • Shipping Emissions Factors
  • Cost of Electricity by State
  • Cost of Natural Gas by State
  • Cost of Energy by Country
  • Utilities Standards
  • Percent Renewable Energy by State
  • Percent Renewable Energy by Country

Governance and Cross-Functional Factors

Currency and Cost Consideration

  • Currency conversion and cost indicators provide a comprehensive financial analysis essential for global investment decisions.

Ensuring Workplace Safety

  • Adherence to safety regulations reflects the commitment to employee well-being and compliance.

Data Points to Consider

  • Currency Conversion to USD
  • CPI (Year)
  • OSHA

Over 100 total reference datasets and growing

We also maintain a list of 29 primary and 76 secondary datasets which can be perused in our reference library. In addition to the datasets in their raw format, we also augment them and clean them so that they have more relevance to our customer base. If you see something you'd like for us to add, we will do it.

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