The Tablecloth Platform

Measure your ESG or Impact performance with our easy-to-use platform.


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Our features

Tiered Access

From Portco to LP, it is important that everyone has a seat at the table.


Portcos form the foundation for the data we process. They provide data and take surveys. This is who we are at the end of the day advising on change.


GPs request the work. They want to help their Portcos make changes that will help reduce risk, increase profitability and increase their value on exit.


LPs are asking GPs for the changes to be audit-ready and credible.

Your Benefits

Platform Built for Growth

Data and Surveys

Trust but verify. Get in and get to know what's driving change at your Portcos but also pull in data that can validate your findings.

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Secure and Private

We led the industry in security and from the start insisted upon our audit-ready standards. That's why we are SOC-2 Type 2 attestation is maintained annually.


Our academic rigor is represented in our approach to technology. We know we can repeat the experiments you are embarking upon because we have calibrated the instruments for the highest standards.

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Our Models

What Makes Our Data Different?

Shared Tenant Environment

Where everyone benefits from our mutual innovations and nobody has to reinvent the wheel.

Realtime Results

Look at your results as soon as they are in. See status of projects at all times. Communicate and adjust in realtime entirely through the platform.


Where you and your colleagues can edit data and surveys in realtime without bumping heads.


Whether it's pulling data from your systems or pushing from us to you, we're set up for collaboration.

Data in Context

What are we talking about when we're talking about Benchmarking? Let's be careful when we throw that word around.