Social Factors

The social factors survey examines company policies and practices pertaining to employee well-being. This survey examines factors such as benefit eligibility and participation rates. The survey is also used to collect data about the company’s community engagement, such as volunteer hours and community donations. The analysis of social factors through a survey fits squarely within the Social (S) pillar of the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) framework. This focus provides insights into how a company prioritizes and manages its relationships with employees and the broader community.

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Data Points to Consider

Employee Well-being

  • Benefit Eligibility and Participation Rates: Information on what benefits are offered and how many employees participate.
  • Wellness Programs: Initiatives focused on physical, mental, and financial well-being.
  • Work-Life Balance Policies: Flexibility in working hours, remote work options, and support for family needs.

Community Engagement

  • Volunteer Hours: The total number of hours employees spend volunteering in the community.
  • Community Donations: Monetary or material donations made to local community organizations or causes.
  • Partnerships with Non-Profits or Local Businesses: Collaboration with local entities for community development and support.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Diversity Initiatives: Policies and practices to promote diversity in the workforce.
  • Equal Opportunity and Pay Equity: Strategies to ensure equal opportunity and fair pay for all employees.

Supply Chain Responsibility

  • Ethical Sourcing Practices: Adherence to ethical practices within the supply chain, including fair labor practices.
  • Supplier Community Engagement: Encouraging and supporting social responsibility within the supply chain.

Customer Engagement

  • Customer Feedback and Responsiveness: Practices for collecting and responding to customer feedback on social matters.
  • Product Responsibility: Ensuring products are safe and responsibly produced.

Data in Context

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