ESG Isn’t a Destination. It’s a Journey.


I like to say that ESG is a journey, not a destination.

None of us will be perfect in all areas.

ESG is complex and touches almost all aspects of a business. To that end, we think a lot about a coordinated integration throughout the organization. Often what we are seeing are either a lot of efforts happening across an organization, but it's not organized, or it is assigned to a corner of the organization and is not distributed out.

We advise to start by taking stock of the activities and efforts at the organization. You're likely doing more than you think—and then you can take stock, identify the roles that need to participate in ESG and benefit from the analysis conducted. Once we understand how we're doing, we can set targets and continue improving.

You won't be able to tackle it all in a day, and that's okay. Set reasonable and achievable goals, and then effort is more likely to gain traction.

Co-Founder & CEO
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