Introducing #EverydayESG

or years I would talk to people in finance and investment about measuring impact and was met with mostly blank stares.

Nowadays, the reaction is different. When I talk about ESG, sustainability and impact, people get it. Not only do they get it, but they want it. That’s when they ask, “Where do we even start?”

#EverydayESG is a daily dose of information in consumable ways that might spark someone’s thinking. We learn things every day. We thought it was time to share those things with the world more broadly.

In the coming weeks, we will cover how businesses affect the planet. The topics include a broad range of environmental factors, such as biodiversity, greenhouse gas emissions, clean energy, waste, and recycling.

We will also explore the range of ways businesses impact people. Social factors include things like whether employees have paid sick leave; whether employees earn a living wage and are paid equitably across the organization; and whether the service or product of the company makes a positive difference for your clients/customers.

We will explore how and why a well-governed business is more likely to be successful. While policies express the intention of an organization, the implementation of those intentions depends on culture and leadership. #EverydayESG series can serve as inspiration to challenge you and your colleagues to think about incorporating impact thinking into your policies and practices.

One of the biggest things we have learned is that everyone’s journey into ESG, sustainability and impact are sparked by learning something. It’s the starting that sets change in motion.

Every company has many impacts.  If you care about those impacts and start tracking them, you will be able to see a baseline and then work towards making changes. Whether you are the CEO, an employee, a customer or an investor you have a role to play.

We hope #EverydayESG provides a spark to help you change business for the better.

Co-Founder & CEO
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